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A rainy day turned a beach class party into an opportunity to teach some interested classmates the fundamentals of Photography. I took this shot randomly, though a bit curious of how engrossed these boys were in whatever they were doing. I later caught up with them and was amused to learn that they were crabbing!
Crabbing for them is just like fishing to the average amateur adult –it’s not a profession for neither, more of a hobby and something done to pass time. If you do score big while at it, well then, you earn yourself bragging rights among your friends or anyone interested enough to hear you out, and you can enjoy your catch on a crude grill, if you can actually cook.
These boys live with their parents, (mostly workers and settlers) by the edge of some private beaches, open to the public for a fee. With limited access to what you would deem necessary for a comfy life; like adequate shelter, heating, electricity, access to media (TV, Internet, sometimes even basic radio), or private conveniences (toilet, shower, etc.); I couldn’t help but wonder how they get by.
It’s like the basic circle of life, they do their “businesses” by the shoreline, which attract and feed the likes of crabs and probably a bigger ecosystem. They/ we in turn feed on these crabs and seafood, which feed on their wastes. I did learn to crab that day, though all I earned myself was a queer, gleeful look from these kids and nothing to brag about. Heck, I don’t even know how to cook crab anyways; I bet just like grapes out of reach, the damn crabs must be sour too!